Friday, August 6, 2010

An Update on My Mom's Condition

My mom had the cardiac catheterization, and they ended up putting in three stents.  Believe it or not, she has to go back in a couple of weeks for a fourth.  She was on the procedure table for the best part of four hours. 

Early Thursday morning they transferred Mom by ambulance from the Kimball Medical Center to Jersey Shore Hospital which is where the procedure was eventually done.  I say eventually because we were expecting it to all be over and done, by early that afternoon.  As it turned out they didn't even begin until about 9 PM that night and didn't finish till sometime after midnight.  Thankfully, my sister had driven down from Sussex to wait with me.  It was really quite an ordeal.  Mom was told she had to fast, and therefore hadn't eaten since dinner the night before.  Needless to say she was not a happy camper.

All in all though, I guess everything went pretty well.  They will be transferring mom to Atlantic Coast.  Cardiac Rehabilitation Center sometime tomorrow.

Since it's almost 2 AM.  I'm going to close this laptop now and try to get some sleep.  I will keep you posted though.

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