Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom Gets Sprung from Rehab!

We Saw the Cardiologist on Wednesday And My Mother Talked Him into Giving Her a Get Out Of Jail Free Card!

She's so happy it's unbelievable.  While driving home, she kept saying I can't believe I'm really out!

Apparently she was secretly convinced that we were lying to her and that she was going to have to stay there the rest of her life.  It made me think of Sophia on the "Golden Girls" always worried that her daughter Dorothy was going to send her back to "Shady Pines".

In the meantime, the doctor has still yet to schedule the additional stent procedure.  Apparently he wants to wait a few more weeks until she gets even stronger.  He sees her again on September 20, and says he'll probably schedule it then.  I'll be back in Florida, by then, but my sister and brother will be here to take her back and forth to the necessary appointments.

All things considered, she's looking remarkably well and I think we are all very pleased with her progress.

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