Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rita's Special Day

On this day I think of Mom - Rita T - My Mother Dear.
My biological Mom - without whom, I would not be here!

When all is said and done - she's the one who did me right!
Always there to care for me - Morning, Noon and Night.

It wasn't always easy, since I was one of four.
But one way or another we never were ignored.

Love that's true, and unconditional - is what it's all about.
When it came to My Mother's love - there never was a doubt.

My dad although he meant well, seldom could provide.
So Mother always had to work - if we were to survive.

Sometimes things got pretty rough, but she knew just what to do.
Mom was really pretty tough - and she always - saw us through.

Forever putting family first - as her own needs were set aside.
Making any, and every sacrifice, so the rest of us could thrive.

Unaware of her own heritage and not knowing who she was;
Mom was surely ever mindful - being adopted has its flaws.

She didn't let it get her though, her courage was forthright.
Facing down every challenge - so determined - yet polite.

Whether at the Wool Bureau - or in Fashion and Design;
Mom took over mid-town, and in Manhattan was sublime.

Already in her 60's, when she studied marketing at night.
At Bergen Community College. She was really quite a sight.

Always there to nurture me - mentor and support.
My mom never failed me. She never came up short.

Mom didn't try to smother me. She let me test my wings.
She trusted and believed in me, and let try new things.

When it came to my being gay? It's true, she shed a tear.
But then she said she loved me, - and told me not to fear.

How very insightful and perceptive, - My Mom turned out to be.
Explaining she had always known - and was waiting just for me.

You see Mothers are the first to know, - they have very little doubt.
But, they wait for you to tell them so, - they wait till you come out.

So Thank You Mom, for your Love, Support and Generosity.
And know that I won't soon forget, all you have done for me.

So now that the ides of of October - once again are here,
may I say Happy Birthday Mom and Have a Wonderful Year!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm leaving on a "Road Trip" tomorrow. I'm driving up to the Garden State and New York areas.

"Garden State" - Somehow that sounds so much better than saying "New Jersey". I don't know why New Jersey has such a bad reputation, parts of New Jersey are actually quite beautiful. And, the garden grown tomatoes are some of the best in the world.

But if you've never lived there, the only thing most people know of New Jersey is the City of Newark. And the only thing most people See of New Jersey, is the trip from Newark Airport to midtown Manhattan. A brief section of the New Jersey Turnpike, that is littered with oil refineries, processing plants and power companies. It's definitely a "Sight" and a "Smell" to behold!

Anyway, I'm planning on seeing both family and friends up there. I'll be away for a few weeks, but I will have my laptop with me. So I'll be in touch via e-mail and my blog. Not sure how much time I'll have, but I'll try and keep posting.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tara's Special Day

Today's the day - Tara's Day.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

My other mother Tara and my very special friend.
She was always right there for me and ready to defend.

She made it look so easy. You know she really did.
So nurturing, loving and caring, always ready to forgive.

An inspirational influence - a force not to be denied.
Her enlightened humanist values, on which I still rely.

How can I hope to explain, or even possibly impart,
how Tara welcomed me in - and opened up her heart.

She loved me as her own - and treated me as such.
Now I'm forever grateful and love her back so much.

My Other Mother Tara and Matt my Special Dad.
Plus my Other Brother Gary. I was indeed a lucky lad.

The World's Fair and Freedom Land, Coney Island and Jones Beach.
Cherished youthful experiences that were well beyond my reach!

A parachute jump, a fun house romp and a roller coaster thrill.
A true "Cyclone"[1] experience - that lived up to its bill.

The Rockettes at Radio City and the great shows on Broadway,
Christmas in Rockefeller Center, with everything on display.

Shopping days in midtown, something I'll never forget.
We were great friends to Mr. Macy and the 11 Jewish Vets[2]

And then there was 1400[3] - and the Highbridge Neighborhood
a loving and unique experience that only we understood.

This boy was in a wonderland, that Tara helped provide.
Good friends, times and memories; We hoped would not subside.

So with overwhelming joy and love. I remember in this way.
My Other Mother Tara - who was born upon this day.

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[1] The "Cyclone" is the most famous attraction in all of Coney Island, and one of the most famous wooden roller coasters in all the world.

[2] E.J. Korvettes was a popular discount department store located on Fifth Avenue and 47th Street in midtown Mahattan. Urban legend had it that E.J. Korvettes stood for 11 Jewish, Korean Veterans.

[3] 1400 University Avenue in the Bronx, was a five-story walk-up, where we all lived, worked and played.