Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rita's Special Day

On this day I think of Mom - Rita T - My Mother Dear.
My biological Mom - without whom, I would not be here!

When all is said and done - she's the one who did me right!
Always there to care for me - Morning, Noon and Night.

It wasn't always easy, since I was one of four.
But one way or another we never were ignored.

Love that's true, and unconditional - is what it's all about.
When it came to My Mother's love - there never was a doubt.

My dad although he meant well, seldom could provide.
So Mother always had to work - if we were to survive.

Sometimes things got pretty rough, but she knew just what to do.
Mom was really pretty tough - and she always - saw us through.

Forever putting family first - as her own needs were set aside.
Making any, and every sacrifice, so the rest of us could thrive.

Unaware of her own heritage and not knowing who she was;
Mom was surely ever mindful - being adopted has its flaws.

She didn't let it get her though, her courage was forthright.
Facing down every challenge - so determined - yet polite.

Whether at the Wool Bureau - or in Fashion and Design;
Mom took over mid-town, and in Manhattan was sublime.

Already in her 60's, when she studied marketing at night.
At Bergen Community College. She was really quite a sight.

Always there to nurture me - mentor and support.
My mom never failed me. She never came up short.

Mom didn't try to smother me. She let me test my wings.
She trusted and believed in me, and let try new things.

When it came to my being gay? It's true, she shed a tear.
But then she said she loved me, - and told me not to fear.

How very insightful and perceptive, - My Mom turned out to be.
Explaining she had always known - and was waiting just for me.

You see Mothers are the first to know, - they have very little doubt.
But, they wait for you to tell them so, - they wait till you come out.

So Thank You Mom, for your Love, Support and Generosity.
And know that I won't soon forget, all you have done for me.

So now that the ides of of October - once again are here,
may I say Happy Birthday Mom and Have a Wonderful Year!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the True Mother O'

  2. Absolutely beautiful, absolutely true and absolutely deserving.

    You said it all and you said it well.

    Love and Language,

  3. You moved me to tears.

  4. That’s beautiful Ed. You described her so well. It must have meant a lot to her. Have a good safe trip.


  5. Beautiful poem! Happy Birthday Grandma. I love you!

  6. You've done it again!
    What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful Mother.

    Happy Birthday Mom