Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tara's Special Day

Today's the day - Tara's Day.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

My other mother Tara and my very special friend.
She was always right there for me and ready to defend.

She made it look so easy. You know she really did.
So nurturing, loving and caring, always ready to forgive.

An inspirational influence - a force not to be denied.
Her enlightened humanist values, on which I still rely.

How can I hope to explain, or even possibly impart,
how Tara welcomed me in - and opened up her heart.

She loved me as her own - and treated me as such.
Now I'm forever grateful and love her back so much.

My Other Mother Tara and Matt my Special Dad.
Plus my Other Brother Gary. I was indeed a lucky lad.

The World's Fair and Freedom Land, Coney Island and Jones Beach.
Cherished youthful experiences that were well beyond my reach!

A parachute jump, a fun house romp and a roller coaster thrill.
A true "Cyclone"[1] experience - that lived up to its bill.

The Rockettes at Radio City and the great shows on Broadway,
Christmas in Rockefeller Center, with everything on display.

Shopping days in midtown, something I'll never forget.
We were great friends to Mr. Macy and the 11 Jewish Vets[2]

And then there was 1400[3] - and the Highbridge Neighborhood
a loving and unique experience that only we understood.

This boy was in a wonderland, that Tara helped provide.
Good friends, times and memories; We hoped would not subside.

So with overwhelming joy and love. I remember in this way.
My Other Mother Tara - who was born upon this day.

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[1] The "Cyclone" is the most famous attraction in all of Coney Island, and one of the most famous wooden roller coasters in all the world.

[2] E.J. Korvettes was a popular discount department store located on Fifth Avenue and 47th Street in midtown Mahattan. Urban legend had it that E.J. Korvettes stood for 11 Jewish, Korean Veterans.

[3] 1400 University Avenue in the Bronx, was a five-story walk-up, where we all lived, worked and played.


  1. you have found the ultimate eddie o'reilly way to express yourself...complete with iambic pentameter. i just know whoever reads this will know how deeply tara has always affected you and how much she has always meant to your life...even now. nice! people deserve to know how much we love and appreciate them. lucky tara and lucky, lucky you.

  2. Like you Eddie, I'm also lucky to have had and still
    have Tara in my life.

    TV had its "Cheers" we had "Tara's".
    It was to "Tara's" that I went to chat over a cup of
    coffee. It was at "Tara's" that we would play monopoly
    or some other game until the wee hours of the morning.
    It was at "Tara's" that we said goodbye to the old year
    and welcomed in the new.

    No sign on the door to Apt. 21 said Welcome, but
    when you rang the bell and Tara opened the door
    you knew that you were welcome there.

    Let's hope that she has many more healthy, happy
    years in her life and ours.

    Love and Life,

  3. Oh Annie, it's so true - Everyone was always welcome at Tara's!

    And, Christmas and New Year's really were the Best!!

    Great times, fond memories, warm, wonderful family and friends and Tara was the special ingredient that helped to make it so!

  4. It must mean a lot to Tara to read this poem. You have a gift for putting words together in such a beautiful way. You described childhood and its pleasures so well. And the trust and love a kid has for really great adults in his life.

    I appreciate reading your poetry so much. Thanks.


  5. I've known you for nearly thirty years, the first ten to fifteen were spent trying to sort out who were your blood relatives and who were the equally important members of your chosen and extended family.
    The names of Tara, Matt, Gary, Barbie, Ruff and others are so interwoven with your dad, your mom, Jimmy, Pat, Madeline, Aunt Anna and others that to this day when we have a conversation I have to try to visualize it in a diagram form in my head. Actually, it is not even necessary as I have never felt that there was any separation from one group to the other, used to be that I didn't want you to think that I wasn't paying attention, now I just don't want you to think that I'm becoming senile.
    You are a very blessed man Edward Daniel Francis O'Reilly.

  6. Beautiful poem. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Tara!

  7. Beautiful poem Eddie. I too have wonderful memories of those days at 1400, and then in CT, Tara would always have something fun planned for us to do when we visited.
    She is a very special person and we are sooo lucky to have her in our lives.
    Happy Birthday Tara, and many more!