Sunday, March 28, 2010

The New Health Care Bill Is ARMAGEDDON! - Really??

Well at least that's what leading Republicans are saying anyway. Yes I said, leading Republicans!

Not just the Lunatic Tea Party Fringe,
but mainstreamers like our
House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Who seriously declared, with a straight face no less,  that...

This New Health Care Bill
Will Ruin Our Country!"

(Note the serious look of concern on his face.  One can obviously tell he  really cares.)  

Then there's The Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele who attempts to explain to a skeptical Shepard Smith on Fox News that - "Yes, this Really is Armageddon!"  (Please note, when you're the chairman of the party, the one man who is actually authorized to speak on behalf of the Republican Party, and your right wing inflammatory rhetoric, becomes so bizarre that even Fox News has to challenge it.  Well then, you know you've gone too far.)  Click play and check out the video.  It's only about a minute long - it's worth it - it's fun!

All of this over a rather minor health care bill.  A bill whose key provisions won't even take effect until 2014.  Yet that didn't stop, the Wall Street Journal from publishing an Opinion Piece that declares it to be a disaster from "Day One". An opinion page that has apparently gone viral around the net. 

This is of course the same exact WSJ opinion page that just one year ago. In March of 2009 boasted screaming headlines like "Obama Liberalism Is Killing the Dow". Well, need I tell you that the Dow Jones industrial average has gone up about 65% since then.

It's actually up 70% if you go back to the lows in the last year of the Bush administration. Have the WSJ editorial writers, given the Obama administration any credit for that? No, of course not! But you can damn well bet when the Dow falls back down again (as it inevitably will). Obama, if he's still in office, will take the blame!

It's important to remember that this is not the Wall Street Journal of old. The staid and reliable, albeit business conservative publication, respected throughout the world and that most of us grew up with.

Ever since the paper was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 2007. Its opinion pages have become just another tool in his foreign-owned (he's Australian, you know), right-wing political propaganda machine. Which of course includes Fox News, numerous tabloid trash publications like the New York Post, and the many right-wing radio stations he either owns or partially owns throughout the English-Speaking World.

Now don't get me wrong, as I've blogged about in the past, this is not at all, the health care reform I was hoping for.  I am no big fan of this bill.  Although, I can't even imagine what the Republicans might be saying, if the Democrats would've had the votes and the courage to actually pass real health care reform. 

Heck, the initial features of this bill, don't even provide some of the basic coverage that John McCain himself was campaigning for during the 2008 presidential election.  The truth is, Republican President Richard Nixon back in the 1970s, proposed and failed to pass a far more progressive health care bill than this even pretends to be.   And yet no Republicans called it Armageddon, they just (most of them anyway) voted against it.

The real problems with this bill is not what it does.  But what it doesn't do.  It provides No Public Option. No Medicare Expansion or Buy-In.  No Tort Reform and No Prescription Drug Price Controls.  All of which were negotiated out by special interest groups.  And all of which are necessary,  if we ever hope to get health care costs under control.

While this bill does provide some immediate relief for young people (26 and under), the truth is, this new health care bill does absolutely nothing for me and my current situation. The only benefits in this legislation that might be of some potential help to me won't kick in until 2014. And I turn 65 that year and will be eligible for Medicare anyway.

Besides, who knows what changes this bill might undergo between now and then. None of this, after all is written in stone and is obviously subject to the whims of future members of Congress.

What I do know is that this bill, with all of its flaws (most of which were created by special interest oppositions) is at the very least - a start.  And  it's hardly  "The Armageddon"  that Republicans and Big Business are making it out to be.  This type of Inflammatory Speech, Republican Hype and Sensationalism is  just Pure Political Theater.  Designed and Created to try and get out the Republican vote in 2010.

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  1. Eddie, the Health Care Bill is one of those topics that I depend on you to clarify for me in the first place, I am just fortunate enough to presently be insured, by accident if not by design I have been able to avail myself to the benefits of the "Domestic Partners" program that we have here in California, still my monthly premium would be the equivalent of more than a month's rent for many people living in the provinces.
    It concerns me that most of these benefits do not kick in until 2014 but I realize it takes time to establish bureaucracy. print forms and lay in a good supply of red tape.
    My big question is whether ignorance or prejudice will be considered "preexisting conditions" and if so how this will affect Republicans?

  2. Only in America .this is the American way, boy I am glad I don't live there, what a bunch of selfish ,money hungry people . So the poor don't deserve to have health care, only the rich., maybe they should stop sending troops in other countries and spending money on foolish things. We in Canada are very fortunate that we live in a civilized country, where health care is for the unfortunate as well as the rich. THIS IS THE CANADIAN WAY. GOD BLESS CANADA

  3. Armageddon here: the sun has come up in the East everyday; no crazy power interruptions or meteors bashing into the earth; methinks Mr. Hip-Hop Steele is fearmongering. Something those Republicans know all about.

    But then again, I'm in Australia maybe it's different there in the states.

    Eddie are you still alive? Oh wait you must be Your Still Blogging!

    Doesn't Armageddon mean the end of the entire world?

    Maybe Republicans need to spend some time with their party trying to figure out how to do something for America instead of acting like petulant children and screaming No, Hell No and Baby Killer. Baby Killer? Really??

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