Thursday, March 11, 2010

Academy Award Afterthoughts!

First some thoughts about fashion.  Not that I care much about fashion and as I have already freely acknowledged in the past, I know even less.  But, at the request of my friend Billy and others, I will attempt to share with you some of my thoughts anyway.

Travolta in Blue Jeans!

I absolutely loved this story.  Apparently at the last minute, while getting dressed.  John Travolta discovered his tuxedo pants didn't fit (it seems he had gained some weight).  So no problem, he just decided to wear blue jeans instead.  It's a guy thing!  :)

As for everyone else, for the most part, I thought they all looked great.  There were of course a few exceptions.  Some exceptionally bad and some exceptionally good.

The Exceptionally Good and My three favorites...

                 Stylish and Classy                                               Sophisticated and Elegant
                    Meryl Streep                                                            Helen Mirren 


 And of Course My Girlfriend, The Beautiful And Talented
 Penélope Cruz

And Now for the Exceptionally Awful...

                                   Charlize Theron
                           Sporting like to "Bull's-Eye's"
                                  Roses for Breasts

Zoe Saldana (Avatar)
Prom Queen at the Gymnasium

 Vera Farmiga - Just think, somebody must have told her she looked good in this.

Diane Kruger - Don't ask me why, but some people really liked this.
I thought she just looked silly.

Then their was, Oscar's Most Awkward Moment...

When journalist/film producer/apparent crackpot Elinor Burkett interrupted director Roger Ross Williams as he was accepting the award for Best Documentary Short for "Music By Prudence". The whole situation is very complicated and, well, very awkward. The whole sordid story, is a real, "He said, She said Saga".  One thing for sure though.  Eleanor came off like a real CU Next Tuesday!

Just Thinking

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  1. John Travolta - LOL

    As for Elinor B. - The B stands for BITCH!

  2. Edward, Let me compliment you on your keen fashion eye and astute choices for best and worst dressed of the ladies.
    It really was not a good year for frocks or the ladies wearing them.
    Meryl was for once on target, hair, makeup, dress, all appropriate and chic from head to toe, this is the type of continuity that has always escaped her in the past.
    Helen has really gotten this down to a formula at this point, she has become the grand dowager of these events but now at all dowdy in her approach, she is wise enough to shed the former sex kitten image and still maintain that she still has a few good shags in her.
    Penelope knows how to wear a dress, the color was smashing. A nice not to Donna Karan on this but had Penelope stopped by Vera Wang's place an allowed her to tweak it a bit it would have been perfection. Vera knows taffeta better than anybody today.
    Charlize Theron, the basic silhouette of this dress is classic but the execution is just wrong. Something of this nature was done decades ago by Schiaparelli using appliqued hands instead of roses, it was tongue in cheek and haute risque in the 1940's but simply awkward and unfortunate today.
    Vera Farmiga......just looking at this makes me uncomfortable, you kinda wanna like it and Joan Rivers whom I usually with was WILD about it but we part company on this number.
    Karl Lagerfeld did this for the Chloe line back in the 1970's and it was innovative then but nobody sat down much in the 70's, cocaine saw to that. This was in a word "awful" but the color was good.
    As for Zoe Saldana, the basic elements of this nightmare are definitely high end but their combination was amateurish at best. This is what some rube on Project Runway would come up with were they give too high a budget to work with.

  3. Travolta wore jeans with his jacket cause his suite pants didn't fit. :D

    Been there - Done that!

  4. It totally freaked me out when Zoe Saldana just interupted that black queen. He was talking so nicely I was trying to pay attention to him and she just so rudely jumped in with her BS. I thought, "Who the _ _ _ _ is this bitch?" I was just so mad. And she started talking like she thought they queen beside her was doing a poor job of speaking. Like she saved the day. I still don't know who she is and don't want to!


  5. Oops! Why did I write that Zoe Saldana interupted that queen? My bad! It was some Elinor Burket who grabbed the mic from him. As I posted in the above post...I don't know who that crazy biotch is and I don't want to! I'm sure Zoe Saldana is a lovely creature! Sorry!