Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Agnostics Thinking...

Agnostic Thinking...

This is the title of my New Blog - Dedicated just to Agnostic/Atheism, Rational Thinking, Gay Subculture  And Related Topics.  You can access my new blog by clicking on the above link or going to the following blog address...   

I have moved over to that blog address all of the relevant posts from this blog  Just Thinking...  as well as some new posts I've recently created.  When appropriate, some posts will appear on both blogs.  But only the aforementioned topics will appear on the new blog.  This will hopefully appease my friends in the Atheist/Agnostic community who have been critical of the many political tangents and the variety of topics I tend to go on about here. 

This Blog, My Main and Original Blog Just Thinking  will continue and will always be available Here at this address  Please feel free to visit and comment on both.

Just Thinking

Please feel free to comment below, ( just click on the word comment if the panel is not open). Or you can e-mail me direct at and your comment will be posted.

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