Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suspect in New York Subway Bombing Plot Pleads Guilty!

Yesterday afternoon, less than one hour after I posted a piece about the killing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan,

 "The Madness Continues"

Najibullah Zazi, only 25 years old,  pled guilty to the suicide bombing plot of the New York City Subway System. 

The plea was predicted, but who knew what he would say in court?

Zazi, a native of Afghanistan, explained to the judge...

"I would gladly sacrifice myself to bring attention to what the U.S. military was doing to civilians in Afghanistan." 

Now Do You See? 

Isn't This What I've Been Saying All Along?

We're Not Making Friends and Influencing People over There.  We're Not Changing Hearts and Minds.

 We're Breeding Terrorists!

    Just Thinking

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  1. You have any other photos of Mr. Zazi? He's kinda hot.

  2. Anonymous? Yeah Right!

    For the life of me, I just can't imagine who wrote that.

    Hi Lucy!

    Actually some of the other pics were even hotter. I didn't use them though because I thought they might be too distracting.

    After all, I was trying to make a SERIOUS POINT, you know. LOL ;)

  3. OK you got me! I just couldn’t resist making a comment about a sexy guy.

    My reason for making it anonymous was the fact that I really respect your blog and take what you do seriously, I know that you put a lot of thought into your topics and commentary and sincere effort into your writing.

    My problem is that I have a big mouth and don’t know when to shut up, I’m not so concerned about the fact that my comments may be inappropriate, hell, I could give a shit what anybody thinks of me. The fact is that I do not want to use your blog space in an inappropriate manner, it would be selfish. If you were a complete stranger to me then it would be different.

    Hell, I really held back on that as it was, my original comment was:

    Back in the 1960’s when I was a kid it seemed like everybody had an afghan, we actually had a couple of them. My Aunt Nora crocheted them for the whole family, she took it up as therapy after she was released from the state “hospital” after that unfortunate incident at the A&P, she was most well known for her zig-zag stitch. I personally never found them very attractive but then again Aunt Nora had a penchant for pastels and I prefer something a bit darker and edgier, but they did keep you warm when watching TV on a cold day when you were watching your stories.

    Now, this Mr. Zazi is much more my style, that is an afghan I would proudly park on the back of my sofa, I find the color and shading much more appealing and have no doubt that I could pull him on top of me and be warm and toasty while I watch my soaps.