Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Health-Care Summit at Blair House

Well I just spent the entire day watching, absorbing and contemplating the health care Summit in Washington DC.  My morning started with coffee and NPR as usual.  Then onto CNN's pre-summit coverage.  I proceeded to watch the summit itself on C-SPAN-3  (fewer interruptions).  I used the lunch break to check e-mails, call my friend Billy in San Francisco about a link he sent me and then call my Mom in New Jersey to see how she was managing with yet another snowstorm.  Other than that, this entire day was dedicated to the health care Summit.  An issue I have a real vested interest in.

So at this point, as you might imagine, my head is spinning.  Yes, there was lots of "Political Theater" as predicted.  Both sides attempted to act civilly for the benefit of the TV Cameras as they emphasized the same old "Talking Points".  Simple "Catchphrases" that market research indicates might resonate with the American people. "Keep it simple for the Masses.  They're not too bright, you know."  Seemed to be the message of the day.   As a former oratory and debate student.  I find this new scientific methodology appalling.

The simple fact is, neither side is seriously considering Real Health Care Reform.  You know, something like, Single-Payer Universal Healthcare, i.e. MediCare for all.  Granted, one might argue that the Democrats are offering more than the Republicans.  But the truth is, Neither Is Offering Any Real, Concrete, Significant Change! 

Yes it's true, the Democratic plan does have some badly needed worthwhile provisions, but unfortunately, most of those don't even kick in till 2013 or 14.  Hell, By Then I Might Be Dead!  I know, perhaps I'm being just a bit melodramatic - but the truth is, sometimes, that's the way I feel.  There are after all, some procedures and treatments I desperately need, but without health care insurance simply don't have affordable access to.

Now of course the real reason that universal health-care isn't even being considered by either party, is cost.

Which brings us back to what I've been saying all along.  With the money we've been wasting on the Useless Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan,  Cost would not be an issue. 

As I've pointed out in previous blog posts, and as President Eisenhower once predicted.  "Unlimited Funding of Our Military Industrial Complex Will Bankrupt The Nation."  

Those Wars, along with our Numerous Permanent Military Bases And Installations Around the World are Not Only Draining the Treasury but Doing More Harm Than Good by Actually Creating More Terrorists.
 - Just Thinking.

Here's some more photos of the summit, courtesy of CBS News...

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  2. I seriously doubt that this country will ever make significant cuts to military spending.