Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Palin for President in 2012!!

A Sarah Palin candidacy in 2012?   Is it possible?   Could it be true?

I Sure Hope So!!

As has been reported by most American media, and carried live by all the major news networks,
on Saturday night, Sarah Palin delivered the keynote speech at the first "National Tea Party Convention" in Nashville.  The People for the American Way called it  "A broad, right-wing political barn burner!"

It incorporated Religious Right rhetorical swipes and jabs at President Obama's foreign policy - things the Tea Party movement itself has never been about. But it also included plenty of obligatory red meat attacks on the Democrats' agenda and Obama administration initiatives famously unpopular with that crowd such as The Stimulus Plan & Health Care Reform.

To the amusement of many pundits and casual political observers  (such as myself)  Palin was seen on camera checking crib notes she had written on her hand as she delivered the speech...

This from the woman who has repeatedly criticized President Obama for using a Teleprompter. (Something that all presidents and serious candidates have been using for decades)  Something that Sarah however, much to the dismay of the McCain campaign in 2008, proved to be incapable of reading.

She taunted the millions of Americans who, driven by a sincere desire for change, were inspired by Barack Obama's candidacy for president:  "How is that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?" She asked.  (Contemptible Bitch!)

Beyond the theatrics, her speech was full of empty rhetoric aimed at capitalizing on the anti-establishment rage that defines the Tea Party movement. It was filled with blatant lies, riddled with inaccuracies and bent the truth repeatedly.  (Fox News has taught her well!)  But more important than what it lacked,  is what it revealed and acknowledged:

1. That the Right is running on empty. They have no ideas or solutions for dealing with the significant problems that we face. Their movement at this time is all about exploiting and inciting the rage of disaffected and frustrated Americans.

2. As the Tea Party movement becomes increasingly co-opted by the Republican establishment, the tea party narrative has managed to become the narrative of the Extreme Right Wing.

Personally I'm fine with all of this, since polls seem to indicate in a general election the "Extreme-Right"  is supported by, at best,  no more than 23% of the American Voters. So I say let Palin Run!   A Palin candidacy in 2012 would only ensure a Democratic Victory. 

So Sarah, You Go Girl!

Run Sarah - Run!

 - Just Thinking...

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  1. So glad that your blogging!!!!
    I just love it. I got it now, so I can keep up with your blog.
    Love the Palin thing!!

  2. Can you imagine anything more fun that Sarah running for president?
    Considering the abundance of reality shows yet dearth of entertainment this might be just the ticket to pull us out of the slump.
    Picture Sarah's campaign tour, part high school talent show, part tent revival, this may be just the time to resurrect "Up With America" Colgate smiles and blazers for the fellas, smooth hair and long red A-line skirts for the gals, all in a patriotic red, white and blue motif. This may be the perfect opportunity for Anita Bryant to make a comeback, she could provide the requisite "inspirational" number, a song of "faith" that nebulously lacks the name of Jesus so as not to offend those few strays that may decide to join the herd. Of course all the costumes and choreography will be provided by the Log Cabin Republicans or just Christian homos on the down low borrowed from one of the Christian Networks. The prospects are ENDLESS! If only Charlton Heston were still with us to give the invocation.
    Hey, is Pat Boone still alive?

  3. wee! hey, i'm finally able to get to MY computer and catch up. HI, BILLY! it would be lovely if those dopey (intellectually "sleepy"), etc. ...mentally (pc) little people, ran that vacuous moron for president. i might even contribute myself. what if we try to stimulate the process..SEND SARAH A BUCK! or a magic marker...or a beating heart...whatever you can afford... enough attention for her right now. i've taught the emotionally handicapped long enough to know that they thrive on even the most negative attention... the story about that little victim of a true "death panel" was a heart breaker. too bad the party of "no!" won't get it. listen, just in case anyone not in this small cicle of supporters reads this; i happen to be a little fortunate due to a gift from a departed loved one...and i'd happily pay the amount of taxes it would take to insure those who cannot afford it. my taxes already support wars and the mercenaries who profit from them, bank employees who sucked the financial life out of my husbands retirement funds, and countless other things that annoy the crap out of me. i would love to know that my taxes would protect someone from the ill winds that can dismantle lives and impoverish the defenseless. gotta go. see ya later!