Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Letting Go of God"

Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" airs this month on Showtime.

Perhaps best known for her performances on Saturday Night Live (1990-1994) Julia Sweeney is a successful American Actress, Comedian and Author. Here she chronicles her journey of faith from a lapsed Catholic recommitting to the church, to Buddhist, to New Age Mystic, and finally agnostic/atheist whose philosophical transformation upsets her family and friends. This is a lighthearted (sometimes hysterical) look at a very serious subject. It's a fascinating and extremely entertaining one-woman stage show that follows up her critically acclaimed "God said Ha".
The remaining December schedule includes...

On Showtime Showcase: Thursday, December 10 at 7:55 AM Eastern.
and also at 8 PM Eastern that same night.

On regular Showtime: Saturday, December 12 at 10 AM Eastern.
and again on Wednesday, December 16 at 10:15 AM Eastern.

On Showtime 2: Thursday, December 17 at 1:40 PM.

If you're unable to catch it on Showtime may I strongly suggest you rent or buy the video. This show gives new meaning to the words "Must See".

Here's a 17 minute excerpt...

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  1. I stumbled upon "Letting Go of God" on cable TV last night, and after watching just 20 minutes or so was inspired to make a blog posting.

    Link to my LGoG posting



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  3. I finally located a copy of the DVD and a few of us watched it in the dorm last night. Damn Eddie, you're so right this is great! Julia Sweeney is brilliant she should teach a course maybe call it Introduction to Atheism or perhaps Atheism 101.

    When she talked about her Catholic upbringing it made me think of you in this story you tell about your First Communion - you know the one where you "Bite the Host"! LOL