Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Audacity of Deception!

Unlike many right-wing Republicans, I as a Progressive Democrat will not hesitate to point out the flaws and deceptions of my own Democratic President.  I was shocked to learn that president Obama in an interview with the Washington Post today declared and I quote,  "I didn't campaign on the public option" - This I'm sorry to say is a boldface lie.

As most major media, including the Washington Post and the New York Times have already pointed out, President Obama not only campaigned for the public option, but he debated for it as well.  It was on his campaign website and even in his professionally produced campaign advertising.

It's also worth noting that while he campaigned for a public option he also debated and campaigned against a public mandate.  Let's go to the videotape...


There can obviously be no disputing that the president did in fact campaign for the public option. Instead of admitting that however, and acknowledging that the Senate health care bill is flawed and not even remotely similar to what was promised.  The President has chosen the typical political ploy of attempting to rewrite history.  Needless to say I'm very dismayed and disappointed.

The truth is that the health care bill about to pass the Senate does not contain a public option, and therefore does nothing to provide cost-cutting competition to the big insurance companies. It does however provide a mandate that we all buy private insurance whether we like it or not.  This plan therefore is effectively giving the insurance industry over 30 million new customers. If that's not a gift to big insurance,  I don't know what is.  - Just Thinking...

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  1. Ed, I had my 6 month check up with my Cardiologist last week, there are eight doctors in the practice and mine happens to be the Chief Nuclear Cardiologist at Valley Hospital. They do belong to the AMA which only a small amount of the doctors in the country belong to. I asked about the current health care bill and his answer was to call your elected officials to voice disapproval because they will be taking a 36% cut in Medicare payments if it passes in the current form. They will NOT be taking any NEW Medicare patients if the bill stays in it's current state.