Thursday, December 17, 2009

Howard Dean Says Kill the Bill!

Giving Seniors 55 to 64 the option of  "Buying In"  (at their own expense, of course)  to the already very popular and successful Medicare program was an excellent idea. This was obviously not the Universal Health-Care Public Option I had hoped for, but it was a start.  Now, absent both the public option and the Medicare buy-in, this new health care bill is useless.  In fact, it's a ripoff!  As Howard Dean and others have stated, this is nothing but a Christmas Present to Big Insurance Companies!

With the possible exception of the late Ted Kennedy, there are few leading Democrats that have been stronger proponents of health care reform than Howard Dean. A Licensed Medical Doctor and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, former Governor Dean is a highly motivated Health-Care Reformer and is certainly well qualified to address this issue. If he says kill the bill, there must be a reason why.

Many Democrats, including the President still want the bill to pass however, the feeling is that something is better than nothing. But is it really? This new bill claims to eliminate (by 2012) the pre-existing conditions clause currently used by insurance companies. But closer scrutiny reveals It's merely a change in rhetoric.

While it's true that insurance companies will now be forced to accept all applicants they will still be able to raise rates and charge significantly more to people that have what will now be called "Health Factors". You know "Factors" such as high blood pressure or a history of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so on. Sounds like a "Pre-Existing Conditions Clause" to me.

In addition, they can even charge more for other "Factors" such as age and to people who are overweight, smoke, drink alcohol or engage in so-called "Poor Lifestyle Choices".

The bill further claims to extend and ensure Medicare for years to come by cutting the program of some $313 billion in funding.  Talk about your convoluted logic and political doublespeak.

Oh - and get this, if you are among the uninsured, like it or not, you will be forced to buy one of these policies or face a financial penalty (i.e. you'll be fined). Effectively guaranteeing private insurance companies at least 30 MILLION new customers.

Now requiring full participation in a competitively priced, public health plan is understandable. But forcing us to buy overpriced private insurance is indeed a real gift to the big insurance companies.

I'm sorry to say, but in its current form, I have to agree with Howard Dean on this one. It's time To Kill the Bill!

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  1. Gary - Woodhaven, MichiganDecember 17, 2009 at 11:51 PM

    One of my most favorite movie lines comes from Shawshank Redemption and went like this: You either get busy living or get busy dying.

    Health care reform is an example of the intangible elements slowly taking the breath out of America.

    Health Care was not about providing better care to Americans, it, like most initiatives such as financial reform and our two wars, is about political gain, political power, and greed.

    This is what is pulling the plug and is causing our society to get busy dying.

  2. I don't think we can survive the health care reform package our Senate is currently pushing (thanks, Joe Lieberman). Ira in D.C.

  3. The legislation is riddled with power politics and manipulated by special interests.That it will provide better health care to the currently uninsured is an illusion.Politicians and the lobbyists are spooking the public with all kinds of gigantic lies. Kill the bill!

  4. rhetorical did something so right and so needed become so fucked up? the current health legislation has become a "camel"... that is, a horse designed by a committee. i can't adequately express my dismay, frustration, and ANGER with just about every politician involved in this fiasco. it would be a mistake to make anyone the sole brunt of our fury, but lieberman sure carries a lot of blame. that multifaced dreckmeister surely has reserved himself a special corner in hell for the way he has conducted himself. where are the statesmen when we need them? i am trying to remain optimistic, but the wishy-washy behavior displayed by obama is disappointing in the EXTREME! the shortsighted greed of those who see POLITICAL survival as more important than the needs of people they represent need to be eliminated from their offices. 2010 will come. we can only hope that the people who need to vote will come out and do so.

  5. The insurance and drug companies have already won. They provided the money to get the right "elected" officials into office so that nothing would change. And they're spending the money needed to insure that investment. Congress no longer represents the American people. They represent the special interest groups that paid to get them elected. Health care reform, in any form that didn't sustain the status quo for insurance and drug companies, was DOA. When our "elected" officials finally decide it's time to work for the country's interests instead of the special interests, we may have a prayer of getting out of the mess we're in.

  6. The US is under a crushing burden. The security entitlements it has promised to every generation to name one. Borrowing from the future to pay the present is not sustainable, but seems to be the favorite action our elected congress (all of them!).

    Excessive taxation and borrowing destroys a society by stagnating choice. The less money you get to keep, the fewer choices you can make for yourself.

    It is a fact that seems anti-intuitive to many. Please read a book like "Economic in One Lesson" or "The Law" by Bastiat. There are natural laws for a healthy society and central planning is not one of them.

    Google these books. They are old, time tested, and free. Brent

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how Republicans can always find a way to justify the cost of war. The cost of going to a foreign land and killing and maiming innocent civilians always seems to be a justifiable expense. But when it comes to providing for basic human needs here at home; needs like health care, education and the like the argument is always the same - we simply can't afford it. With just the money we've spent so far on the Bush/Obama wars in Afghanistan and Iraq we could more than afford to pay for real health care reform. Seems to me like we need to get our priorities in order.

    When a Whale, Manatee, Dolphin Or Even a Shark beaches itself here in South Florida no expense is spared to save its life. But when a mother of three is dying of breast cancer because she's uninsured, not eligible for Medicaid and can't afford her chemotherapy - Well That's Just Too Damn Bad! "I guess she just better die and decrease the surplus population" Thank You Scrooge And Happy Holidays to You Too!