Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembering Dad... (Father's Day 2009)

I called my Mom for Father's Day.
Not that I had anything special to say.

Now that he's dead and long since gone,
I sometimes remember his lack of charm.

My Mom shares these thoughts, as well I know.
Since she never fails to tell me so.

I'm getting better though, this is true.
Don't resent him near so much as I tended to.

As I get older wouldn't you know,
he wasn't so bad, when all gets told.

The more I walk life's lonely path
I understand better his constant wrath.

How disturbed and troubled he must have been,
to treat us the way he did back then.

How disturbed and troubled he obviously was
and how I did nothing to help his cause.

Sometimes, I really miss you, Dad.

     Just Thinking

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  1. Bittersweet, but very nice. - Adrian again

  2. I like your poem, I really do.

    My Dad is still very much alive, but we also have a Love-Hate relationship.