Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Curious Case of Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

Thursday, June Twenty Fifth, Two Thousand Nine,
A day that will be marked in time.

'Cause something Iconic, happened this day,
Michael Joseph Jackson, passed away.

Impromptu vigils everywhere,
from the streets of L. A. to Washington Square.

Hong Kong, Vegas, London, Madrid,
the world all knew him, since he was a kid.

There was an audible moan, in New York's Times Square,
when on the big screen, the news was declared.

A Musical Genius, A Late Night Joke,
His Mesmerizing Dance, left a lump in our throat.

Tabloid Caricature, Provocateur,
Legendary Oddity, and so much more.

Was he the King of Pop, or the King of Sleaze?
That all depends, on what you believe.

You see something Ironic, happened this day,
Michael Joseph Jackson, passed away.

Rest in Peace Michael, - Rest in Peace.

  Just Thinking 

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  1. Incredibly good poem :) Me and my British friend both liked it

  2. Eddie, Damn if I'm not Impressed. That was really good, exceptional even. - Adrian T.

  3. Eddie: It's amazing how you capture the pathos and irony in a few pithy lines. Jackson was a true genius in his areas of expertise, however seriously flawed; as he certainly was.

  4. Wow, you sure hit the nail on the head. Of the many things written and said in the media in the last few days this was one of the most poetic, concise and poignant things I've read. Thanks for sending me your blog address. - Doubting Thomas, your atheist friend from YT.

  5. hahaha, What a wonderful christmas gift! I'd love to be your friend!

    Also, this is AMAZING!!!! :)

  6. Mate, that was awesome. So god damn F'ing good!