Saturday, January 8, 2011

America's Greatest Folly - The War in Iraq!

It has long been my sincere and honest belief, that one day historians will record; The Fall of the Great American Empire Began with the Election of George W. Bush.

Furthermore, I believe that if George W. Bush was America's greatest folly.  Bush's greatest folly was the Iraqi war.

A war that was entered into on contrived and completely false pretenses.  A son's misguided vendetta to restore the honor of his father.

Even though his father wanted no part of it;  little George, who is considered by many to be both physically and mentally the runt of the Bush Litter,  insisted on pursuing it anyway.

For those of you who still believe that the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children lost and the countless billions of dollars spent were somehow all worth it, may I suggest that you watch the following video...

That's right Al-Sadr is back, and Iran's influence in the region is bigger and stronger than ever!

Now, if after watching that video you still don't believe that the war in Iraq was one of America's greatest blunders, then may I suggest you watch it again.

Yes, I realize that's a lot to ask, the video is after all.  Almost 4 Minutes Long!  Well beyond the thirty second attention span of today's digital age.  But please,  Please Indulge Me and Watch It Again.

Don't try and discount it either, by saying - Oh it's from MSNBC or what do you expect it's Rachel Maddow.  Everything in this video is completely true and based on substantiated facts.

I'm obviously not being partisan either.  Since I have stated in this very blog space, on numerous occasions, my protestations about President Obama's expansion of the war in Afghanistan.  Something that will prove to be his greatest folly as well.

So please, if you still don't understand why the war in Iraq is such a travesty watch the video again and learn something.  Pay particular attention to the last 51 seconds!  It Says It All!!

Just Thinking

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