Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell Is Finally Repealed!

Credit: CBS/AP

It's been said that the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the biggest civil rights victory in years. It’s an example of America finally living up to it's highest ideals of equality and fairness.

Young gay men and women will now have the "Opportunity" to openly serve in our nation's military.

A Long Overdue Civil Rights Victory for Sure!

The only question is, however, what happens if and when that "Opportunity" to serve becomes an "Obligation" to serve,  i.e. a Military Draft?

Will the young men and women who fought so hard for this victory still be celebrating?

Most young people today, do not know of, cannot conceive of and in many cases have never even heard of,  "A Compulsory Military Draft".  This at a time when reinstatement of the draft is more of a possibility than it has been in decades. 

Our volunteer army is already greatly overextended and having a hard time getting and keeping qualified recruits, while the world becomes more of a tinderbox with each passing day.  Whether it's the North/South Korea conflict, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the situation in Iran.  Not to mention Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen.  Etc. etc. etc.

Given the circumstances, can the day be that far away? 
When our Uncle Sam will once again say, Greetings...

And, By the Way,  That's Not a Request - That's an Order!

You Must and Will Serve, You Must and Will Fight,

You Must and Will Kill!

Even If It's in an Immoral, Unjustified War That You Do Not Believe In. 

Fight or Go to Jail!  -  Love It or Leave It, Baby!

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