Monday, April 19, 2010

Mount Limbaugh and other Volcanic Eruptions in the News!

The Volatile Mount Limbaugh, Erupt's Again as he declares...
"... If There Is a Future Incident Such As The Oklahoma City Bombing,  the Blame Is Squarely on the Shoulders of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama."

Well, of course, now doesn't that make perfect sense.  If there's another act of domestic terrorism.  It will clearly be the fault of Bill Clinton.  All because the former president, accurately and appropriately warned us that conditions today are eerily similar to those that existed in 1995.

The Volatile, Incendiary, Rebellious and Riotous Rhetoric from the Right will have had Nothing to Do with It.

Rush, Glenn, Sean and other seditious talkshow hosts who have been continually and deliberately fanning the flames of discontent in this country, will have played no role in any new act of Domestic Insurgency.

The fact that right-wing militia groups and tea party sympathizers have held demonstrations and protests today in all 50 states, Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing will obviously be irrelevant. 

The fact that where permitted by law, and has encouraged by the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, many of these protesters will be armed,  Well All of That Will Be Irrelevant Too!

The only thing that matters is - that if anything does happen, according to Rush, it'll all be Clinton's fault...

Rush Limbaugh, whose outlandish opinions and inflammatory rhetoric routinely fire up wingnuts coast-to-coast has really outdone himself this time. 

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1 comment:

  1. lol…you know why Rush has over 30 million listeners?

    He talks about people who believe stories like this, and makes them appear as if they are truly ignorant, and has a fan base that eats it up.

    If anyone seriously believes that he is truly blaming Clinton and Obama for the volcanic ash and not just trying to be funny, this is what he and his followers refer to as "sheeple". People who believe anything they hear and read and are lead around like sheep. Go listen to the clip from MediaMatters.Org (A shameless liberal org) and peep how fast they cut his monologue when he is talking about this. Rush obviously has some views that most liberals won’t agree with, and he definitely goes overboard (That’s why it’s called show business) but I think it’s important for us to be able to see the difference between comedy and commentary and stop getting worked up over stupid stuff, which only gives him more ammo.

    Is it any coincidence that this and all the other “related blog posts” are all PRO GAY Sites?