Sunday, July 26, 2009

Apple Annie's Special Day!

My Own Tia Anna, Celebrates This Day.
A landmark year, that I won't giveaway.

Not that Anne would care, I'm willing to bet;
age is Not something, Apple-Annie does fret.

Unlike me who panics - with each passing year.
she takes it in stride, with apparent good cheer.

I don't know how she stays - so young, fit and spry,
and can seemingly ignore - the passing of each July.

Ponce De Leon would be jealous - I tell you the truth,
for Anne must have discovered his Fountain of Youth.

She surfs the world web with ease and delight,
and sends emails aplenty, almost every night.

Her collection of Lions, for "Leo" - her Zodiac Sign,
is second to none, with every shape, style & design.

Perhaps it's Sinatra's, steadfast and tuneful advice,
that keeps her "Young at Heart" and so full of life.

I remember as a kid on a hot summers day,
she'd pack up sandwiches and take us away.

We'd board, if I recall, on bus twenty seven.
It was just Orchard Beach, but to us it was heaven.

So patient, so pleasant, so kind and so nice,
Anne was always there, to relieve pain and strife.

Her youthful exuberance is as evident today,
as it was years ago, to this young child at play.

So a Very Happy Birthday, I'm Sending Anna's Way;
and May the Best Things in Life, by Her Side, Always Stay!

    Just Thinking

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  1. Beautiful!

    I too remember those Orchard Beach trips and all the other wonderful things Anne did for us.
    We are blessed to have her in our lives.

  2. Beautiful poem!
    Happy Birthday Anne!

  3. I'm jealous of your reader base...

  4. But I don't jest! I too am a victim of shameless self-promotion... It hasn't gotten me any long term readers... As sarcastic as my last comment seemed it really wasn't meant to be... :)

  5. Callif, what do you mean you have no long term readers? So what am I, Chopped Liver??!! You know I subscribe(follow)your blog and I'm sure Kayla does too. I bet if you checked you'd find that you have other followers as well. I sent you an email with some other thoughts and ideas, let me know what you think.
    BTW - your comment was not at all sarcastic. I actually thought it was kind of nice.

  6. Eddie, You did a wonderful, terrific job!!!!!!
    I love that you did not mention her age.

    THANK YOU!!!!


  7. Thanks for the Birthday E-mail greetings.
    Also for the Special Day words. Glad you left out
    the amount of candles that should have topped
    the cake. I tell my granddaughter Christina that I'm
    up to 38, and she humors me.

    We had a nice day at Lorie's. The rain was kind enough
    to stay away until we had the cake.


  8. You should be writing greeting cards! BTW My Birthday is Dec. 12, 1986.

  9. Wow Joey, your birthday is Dec. 12? What a coincidence, that was also my Dad's and my "Other Brother" (best friend) Gary's.

  10. Hi Eddie,
    I just read your birthday poem. It was wonderful. May I ask, is that Tara? I could relate to the reference to Orchard Beach so much. What little things made us happy, taking a long bus ride to a beach for a short time. You really are good. I loved the Cronkite one too. I hope you are getting plenty of praise for your poetry. You deserve it.
    Take care,

  11. Thank You Dot, you say the nicest things, I really do appreciate your encouragement and support.

    With reference to your question: No, that poem is not about Tara but another equally close friend of Tara's and ours named Anne Devol a/k/a Apple, Apple Annie, & Tia Anna which is of course Spanish for Aunt Anna. When I was a kid Tara was my "Other Mother" and Anne was my "Tia Anna" It's amazing how close we all were and still are. When we moved from the Bronx to Leonia, Anne and her entire family moved there too just a year or so latter. My Mom, Anne and Tara were an extraordinarily nurturing trio that had a positive impact on my life that sustains me to this day. I Love Them Dearly.

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